Step 1: Enter some input text here which you want to convert to speech.
Step 2: Voice Selection and Conversion

Text to Speech Converter

Simply write the text you want spoken out to you and the tool will read out the entire text fluently to you. Just copy the text and paste it in the dialogue box and the tool will read out to you the entire document.

Unlimited Conversions

The tool allows you to convert text to speech as many times as you want. No restrictions or sign in required for your conversions.

Free Conversions

No subscription fee charged for the conversions with our tool. But when we say free, we mean it. No hidden charges in addition to the “no subscription fee” policy as well.

Privacy protection

Any documents that you upload on this tool for conversion are immediately deleted from our servers once the conversion is complete. In addition, none of the documents are opened or read before conversion let alone shared.

Voice Selections also considers for the different accents when it comes to voice selection. To facilitate the listener in making sense from the text, the tool provides six different voice selections that include French, Luxemburish, Italian, English (UK), German, Turkish, English (US) and Telugu-Sprache.

Swift Conversions

The tool allows for the fastest conversion from text to speech. Just upload the text, and press speak. Within seconds your voice note for the speech will be ready.

Reading holds immense importance in several professional careers. A researcher must go through all previous literature on a subject, lawyers must read extensively their books on law and official documents, consultants must undergo intense reading to find out everything about the problem in question. But be it any profession, as a student, particularly in a degree, everyone must complete their intense reading schedule especially in a degree in humanities.

However, reading entire documents of pages upon pages can be a real hassle, especially when you are not the fastest of readers and not comfortable reading small fonts off a screen. Not only is it just extremely difficult to do, but also time-consuming. brings you an effective solution for this. You can convert your written text into speech. Anything you write in the dialogue box will be spoken out loud to you, thereby helping you avoid the trouble of reading.

The idea has been widely acknowledged and appreciated, especially by students required to read long reports for their courses. Moreover, the idea of having books read out instead of having to read them has been widely successful in combating dyslexia among young students. Having books read out to these students avoids their problems with letters.

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